Friday, July 25, 2014

Pit bull shows he's Ace

Pit bulls make unlikely heroes but one of the so-called devil dogs is being feted in Indiana.

The mutt managed to alert a deaf boy to a serious fire in his home by licking the sleeping boy's face until he woke up.

Nick Lamb, 13, told authorities that he was not wearing his hearing assistance implants while napping as fire began spreading through his Indianapolis home.

The pit bull, Ace, went into Nick’s room during the fire and licked his face.

Alone in the house, Nick covered his nose and mouth with his T-shirt and he and Ace fled the house. The boy was examined and released at the scene.

“We hear of dogs barking to wake someone up during a fire but not licking their face,” said Indianapolis Fire Department Captain Rita Reith

“This is a positive for the pit bull community."

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