Tuesday, July 22, 2014

George's bosses shoulder the blame for work injury

By guest columnist Cleland Thom
Have you heard about George Shoun’s shoulder? No? Well you’re the only person in America who hasn’t.

George, from Elkhart County, Indiana, took his employer to court to protect his privacy. And now the whole country knows about it. Including you.

George injured that now famous shoulder working for Best Formed Plastics. He was off work for several months and asked for compensation.

His claim was handled by a colleague, Jane Stewart. And she turned out to be a pain in the neck by posting details of his injury on Facebook.

She compared his claim with another employee called Jimmy, and said: ‘Isn’t it amazing how Jimmy experienced a five way heart bypass just one month ago and is back to work - especially when you consider George Shoun’s shoulder injury kept him away from work for 11 months and now he is trying to sue us.’

So George sued the company for breach of confidence as well. He said the Facebook post caused him loss of employment, emotional distress, humiliation, and mental pain and suffering.

All that on top of that injured shoulder. Poor guy.

He even said that Ms Stewart … ‘acted with the intent to expose him to public scorn and ridicule and to blacklist him among prospective employers.’

He won his case. Best Formed Plastics will have to shoulder the blame. While George continues to blame the shoulder.

Cleland Thom is director of CTJT, who provide online journalism courses

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