Thursday, June 26, 2014

Starbucks customer enjoys world's largest espresso

Starbucks may be considering revising its loyalty plan after a customer in Dallas ordered himself a free coffee that included 60 shots of espresso and lashings of whipped cream.

The mega-calorie brew, which took customer Andrew Chifari a day and a half to drink, would normally have cost $54.75 (£32.57) but he paid nothing because he had racked up enough loyalty points to be able to order the drink of his choice.

'It was delicious. Very strong, very sweet,' said Chifari. 'After the first day, the ice crystals had melted and it was just good, strong iced coffee.'

Chifari, 27, entered the Starbucks on May 24 with his own 128-ounce glass and asked waitresses to create the most expensive Frappuccino that would fit in his container, but still taste good.

Starbucks though were not impressed with Chifari's antics. 'This was certainly excessive. It's something that we don't encourage,' said spokeswoman Maggie Jantzen.

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