Monday, June 9, 2014

NYPD arms its cops with spray paint

Shootings may be on the rise in New York but officers are to be fully armed from now on — with cans of spray paint.

Fed up with a wave of graffiti hitting the city, bigwigs at police headquarters have instructed cops to hunt down street art and cover it with black, red and white spray paint.

The police officers have been given instructions like 'spray a square around the tag and then fill it in', police sources say.

However, the move has been met with ridicule from the very cops who are being told to carry out the new head office directive.

'This whole graffiti program is ridiculous. Some of these neighbourhoods are really dangerous. There should be more of a focus on serious crime,' said one cop.

And a high-ranking police officer added, 'The summer is right around the corner, shootings always go up in the warmer months. This year is no exception, you can’t have police officers wasting their time on graffiti taggers.'

An NYPD spokesman defended the move, explaining: 'It’s supposed to discredit their work... and break their manhood.'

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