Monday, June 16, 2014

Marijuana tourism hits Colorado

Going on a trip takes on a whole new meaning in the fine state of Colorado, where holidaymakers will soon be flocking in their droves.

Since Colorado controversially loosened up its marijuana laws two years ago, enterprising tourism bosses have been finding all sorts of cunning ways to make a fast buck.

Indeed a new website called has taken advantage of the relaxed pot-smoking regulations to set up special 'marijuana tourism' events, beginning next month.

Under’s scheme, property owners who are comfortable with marijuana use in their homes can rent out spare bedrooms or their entire residence to tourists looking for a legal place to smoke weed.

'We provide visitors to Colorado with smoke-friendly rental options so that they can safely and legally experience the most progressive marijuana legislation in the land.' boasts founder Greg Drinkwater:

There is a drawback though. Colorado may be liberal but even it has its limits. Get caught smoking marijuana in public, and you'll face $150 fine and up to 15 days in jail. So best to stay in your room and puff away to your heart’s content.

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