Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ice cream wars break out in New York

The Mister Softee ice cream vans are a familiar sight in New York and every day hundreds of eager youngsters flock to them on hearing their chirpy chimed music.

But suddenly all is not well in ice cream land - for dozens of the vehicles have been broken into and robbed of cash takings. Most of the robberies occurred after they were left in a Mister Softie-friendly car park.

'People will do anything for a buck these days,' complains one ice cream man, who was relieved of hundreds of dollars in takings after leaving his van unattended in Ozone Park, New York.

So who is the dastardly thief behind this disturbing crime wave? Harish Kumar, who owns the car park where the vans were robbed from, is in absolutely no doubt.

'This has to be an inside job,' he says. 'It could only be someone who knows the business inside out. My hunch is it's a guy who used to work for Mister Softee.'

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