Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Don't mess with the Governator

By guest columnist Cleland Thom
One of the main people to benefit from ex-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s law giving celebrities stronger publicity rights is … Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He’s already won one case after a bobblehead doll version of himself, complete with machine gun, was put on the market.

And now he’s slapped a $10 million suit on Nevada-based Arnold Nutrition Group, claiming they “brazenly stole and exploited” his likeness to market its products.

He claimed the company has engaged in “shameful conduct” and “is committing a fraud on the public.”

He says he would never endorse or affiliate himself with any fitness or nutritional product without checking the product was healthy and helpful.

The Governator introduced the law in 2005.

Cleland Thom is director of CTJT, who provide online proofreading courses

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