Monday, May 26, 2014

Teacher asks nine-year-olds for love tips

New York school teacher Cassendre Fiering had no one to talk to about her complicated love life - until she enlisted the help of her nine-year-old students.

Fiering was dating two men at the same time and thought her young pupils would be just the right people to offer her dating advice.

Investigators say she began acting out scenarios in which the kids were her and she was the boyfriends. She complained that the younger boyfriend, a mechanic in Rhode Island, didn't return her phone calls.

Students told the investigators she called the children her "munchkins" and asked them which man she should dump.

The class advised Fiering to break up with the mechanic although she apparently ignored their sage advice.

"The younger guy was just a weird guy and I never really figured it out," Fiering said this week. "He was very strange and it upset me. He gave a lot of mixed messages. I think I just had to give up."

Fiering was sacked from her teaching position, after a Department of Education investigation concluded she had acted inappropriately.

She plans to appeal the decision, saying her role playing games with the students were "G" rated. " It's not like I was talking about sex or anything," she complained.

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