Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Subway customer helps himself to toilet tank

Usually when people run out of a restaurant it's because they haven't paid their bill.

But a man who legged it from a Seattle Subway eaterie had another reason - he'd stolen the toilet tank.

Everything seemed innocent enough as the man entered the restaurant with his family. Then, after placing an order, he entered the restroom and remained inside even after his wife knocked on the door, asking why he was taking so long. Fed up, she left without him, Seattle police said in a statement.

When the man eventually emerged from the bathroom, he hurriedly exited the store in possession of a large plastic garbage bag.

An employee who later entered the bathroom discovered the toilet tank was missing. In addition, the bathroom sink was stuffed full of paper towels and still running, while the bathroom key was gone.

Witnesses at the scene were able to provide police with a full description of the man, who remains at large, police said.

So police have plenty to go on ...unlike customers at the restaurant.

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