Sunday, May 18, 2014

Roommates find $41,000 down the back of their sofa

What would you do if you found $41,000 tucked down the back of your sofa?

This was the dilemna faced by roommates Reese Werkhoven, Cally Guasti and Lara Russo who found the loot inside a couch they had bought from a second hand store.

“We were just really freaked out by it,” said Werkhoven. "We were jumping up and down with excitement."

That excitement was short lived though when they found an envelope with an
elderly woman’s name on it.

The friends did the decent thing and phoned up the woman and broke her the good news.

“This was her life savings and she actually said something really beautiful like ‘this is my husband looking down on me and this was supposed to happen,’” Guasti said.

Honesty does pay though - the grateful woman gave the roommates a thousand dollars.

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