Monday, April 28, 2014

Firemen called out to rescue pup from sewer pipe

A petrified puppy spent much of last week trapped in a six inch sewer pipe.

Firemen in Maiden, Colorado, rushed to the scene on Tuesday after being alerted by residents who could hear the pet whimpering for help. But when emergency crews got there, they found nothing so thought it must have been a prank call.

The fire fighters returned three days later after receiving further noise reports and this time they inserted a tiny camera into the pipe to reveal the puppy.

By now, deprived of food and freedom, the animal was feeling more and more sorry for himself and his cries became even louder.

Public works officials had to be summoned to break the pipe open so emergency crews could pull the puppy out.

The story has a happy ending because the neighbour who first alerted crews after hearing the noise has adopted the animal. Appropriately, she has christened the pup “Lucky”.