Saturday, April 26, 2014

Make mine a large one - secrets of America's greatest drinker

New York is a 24 hour city - so when you go there you really need to know how to hold your drink.

Power drinking Englishmen may be able to slurp like champions in their own country - however come 4am in the Big Apple, they are usually to be found slumped in a heap against the bar.

But if they just took a leaf out of American Jim Koch's book, they might have a little more success.

Koch - the co-founder and chairman of the Boston Beer Company - proudly declares: "I can drink beer all night long and never get drunk."

So what is his amazing secret?

“Yeast,” he answers. The hard-drinking Yank has one spoonful of powdered yeast mixed with yoghurt right just before he downs each pint.

He may, as he claims, never get drunk but the horrible concoction he devours with each drink means he might just throw up all over you.